With many outstanding advantages, although there are now many units providing industrial cleaning and home cleaning services, customers always pay attention and support to Quang Minh Phuc. We appreciate that and commit to make more efforts to bring better experiences, greater values ​​and benefits to our customers.

Professional cleaning service QMP is a service that provides cleaning for various areas such as homes, offices, shops, malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and industrial areas using specialized techniques and equipment.

Professional cleaning services QMP include floor cleaning, surface cleaning, window cleaning, interior cleaning, toilet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, air duct cleaning, dusting, glass cleaning and other related services in cleaning and maintaining areas.

To ensure professionalism, professional cleaning QMP often use specialized equipment and chemicals, ensuring safety for users and protecting the environment. Employees are trained professionally, experienced and able to read and understand cleaning instructions and directives.

Professional cleaning services QMP have many benefits, including reducing asset depreciation and increasing its value, reducing the spread of infectious diseases, ensuring cleanliness and safety for users, and creating a better working environment.

Hiring professional cleaning services QMP also saves time and effort for customers, allowing them to focus on their main work and ensuring that their area is professionally and effectively cleaned.

Industrial cleaning service at QUANG MINH PHUC will help you save maximum effort and time for cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, or cleaning floors for your home, office or company. Our industrial cleaning company with the motto: "PRESTIGE, QUALITY AND PERFECT CUSTOMER SUPPORT"

Some typical industrial cleaning services that our company provides: - Daily and periodic cleaning service - Periodic general cleaning service - General cleaning service after construction - Maintenance service for the outside of the building - Glass cleaning service for buildings, buildings, offices...as Class cleaning, wash & Paint outside wall. - Carpet cleaning service, office chairs. - Floor polishing and restoration service - Consulting and providing services of termite and insect extermination.
1. Focus on the details: Details are important in professional cleaning. Pay attention to every corner, stain, and mark. Use appropriate tools and cleaning products to remove dirt and bacteria as much as possible. 2. Use specialized tools: Use tools and cleaning products specially designed for each type of surface to ensure efficiency and safety for that surface. 3. Adjust working time: Adjust the working time to meet the needs of customers and weather conditions. Avoid cleaning during peak hours or in bad weather, which can affect the effectiveness of the work. 4. Train staff: Professional training for employees is necessary to ensure that the work is done safely, professionally, and efficiently. Train staff on techniques, types of cleaning products, types of surfaces, and proper use of tools. 5. Use safe cleaning methods and protect the environment: Use safe cleaning methods and protect the environment by using safe cleaning products, tools, and equipment for people and the environment. 6. Always learn and update knowledge: The field of professional cleaning is constantly changing and developing. Therefore, always learn and update new knowledge to improve skills and ensure the best quality of service for customers.
In the field of professional cleaning, there are several important certificates and certifications, including: Training certificate: This certificate indicates that the company's employees have been trained in the necessary skills and knowledge to perform professional cleaning services. The training certificate may also include courses on occupational safety, hygiene and food safety, and environmental protection. Food safety cleaning certificate: This certification is awarded to cleaning companies that provide services to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, and other food facilities. This certificate ensures that the company has followed food safety and hygiene procedures to ensure the health and safety of customers. Environmental protection certificate: This certificate is awarded to cleaning companies that ensure their products and services are used in an environmentally friendly way. These companies must follow recycling-friendly cleaning procedures, pollution control, and use environmentally friendly products and services. Business license: A business license is a basic certificate for operating a company. It allows the company to operate legally and provide professional cleaning services. Occupational safety certificate: This certificate shows that the company has followed occupational safety procedures to ensure the safety of employees when working. These procedures include the use of personal protective equipment, minimizing accidents and occupational diseases, and enhancing productivity




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Before accepting the job, he was trained and trained once a month.  




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